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  • Bolton Plastics are major suppliers
    of HVAC Ducts to Aston Martin

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)


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HVAC Ducts

Typical components for interior heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) distribution systems are:

End of dash and centre face vent ducts, windshield and side window demist ducts, lap and glove-box cooling ducts, front & rear footwell ducts, rear console ducts, 'A', 'B' and 'C' pillar ducts and rear loadspace ducts.


As an automotive HVAC duct systems manufacturer, Bolton Plastic Components Ltd. have an impressive track record.  A key element in the development and manufacture of the range of components needed for HVAC systems is our detailed understanding of the design considerations and packaging space constraints of the components within the vehicle.

Our ability as automotive HVAC distribution systems duct manufacturer, to produce an innovative and effective package, is supported by the range of manufacturing techniques that we have available, along with our experience in developing cost effective solutions.


The space availability for automotive HVAC systems is often limited and complex.  Bolton Plastics can help provide solutions for these, and manufacture components to provide the complicated part geometry dictated by the available packaging constraints.


Tooling and manufacturing costs are seen as key issues from the earliest stages of design, and we use our extensive experience as automotive HVAC system duct manufacturers to review feasibility issues and detailed design proposals to identify potential savings.  Use of our sophisticated and extensive range of blow moulding and injection moulding techniques allows us a wide range of technical options.  For example, it is possible to manipulate the tooling split line to provide integrally moulded mounting brackets on the duct, as an alternative to separate injection moulded brackets, attached by secondary processes.


Our early involvement allows economical solutions for automotive HVAC distribution systems to be developed, with overall design and tooling feasibility assessed at a preliminary stage, to enable low cost manufacture of automotive HVAC system components.


As a result of our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of automotive HVAC duct systems, we have a specialised knowledge in the early identification of the balance of component cost verses tooling investment, and providing our customers with the best solution for their specific requirements.

Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures on-going benefits through design and manufacturing improvements throughout the vehicle life.

  • HVAC Ducts

    HVAC Ducts

  • Rear outlet HVAC Duct

    Rear outlet HVAC Duct

  • Windshield Demist Duct

    Windshield Demist Duct

  • Mini uses Bolton Plastics HVAC Ducts

    Mini uses Bolton Plastics HVAC Ducts

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