Bolton Plastic Components Ltd
Design and Manufacture of Blow Moulded Products



+44(0) 1204 526241

Bolton Plastic Components Ltd
+44(0) 1204 526241

  • Bolton Plastics supply
    blow moulded products
    to Jaguar Land Rover

Other Automotive Products

  • Brake Cooling Ducts
  • Alternator Cooling Ducts
  • Radio Cooling Ducts
  • Suspension Gaiters
  • Interior Trim Products
  • In-house CAD and Design Expertise
  • Multi Axis (3D) Moulding Machines
  • Cost-effective Solutions

Bolton Plastic Components Ltd. is a market leader in the manufacture of blow moulded automotive components. Established for more than forty five years, we have continuously invested in our manufacturing and technical capabilities, and in our highly skilled workforce. We provide a complete package of dedicated customer service, in-house CAD and design expertise, together with a wide range of manufacturing capability.

As automotive technical blow moulding manufacturers, we have an impressive track record of providing a high quality of service to our customers.


  • Radio and Glove Box Cooling Ducts

    Radio and Glove Box Cooling Ducts

  • Suspension Gaiter

    Suspension Gaiter

  • Brake Cooling Duct

    Brake Cooling Duct

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