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Bolton Plastic Components Ltd
+44(0) 1204 526241

  • Blow Moulded
    Appliance Products

Appliance Components:

  • Blow moulded appliance components for white goods and other industries
  • Technical support and expertise
  • Optimum and cost effective designs

Bolton Plastics manufacture a range of appliance blow mouldings

Bolton Plastic Components are major suppliers of blow moulded appliance components to the domestic appliance industry, with a wide range of components such as dryer condenser bottles, exhaust vent tubes and vacuum cleaner ducts.

Bolton Plastics have invested significantly in blow moulded technology, systems and personnel, and as technical blow moulders for the automotive industry and for blow moulded appliance components for white goods and other industries, Bolton Plastics continually strive to meet, and exceed, customer expectations, and to actively participate in feasibility and design to achieve effective solutions for appliance components design and manufacture.

Through dedicated sales and project engineering staff, we provide technical support and expertise to customer engineers during product development of blow moulded appliance components, and work closely to develop optimum and cost effective designs. Dedicated sales and quality engineers also provide a focused customer contact throughout manufacture ensuring continuing customer satisfaction throughout.