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Bolton Plastic Components Ltd
+44(0) 1204 526241

  • Computer Aided Design

Blow Moulding Design & Development

Bolton Plastics provide a comprehensive and effective range of services to support product development based on:

  • In-house dedicated design department
  • Experienced project management capability
  • Investment in, and effective use of, CAD and industry data transfer software
  • Customer support
  • Integrated approach to development and manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Effective use of industry product/process development tools

In House Design

Bolton Plastics' in-house designers have extensive experience of receiving and handling customer design concepts and performance specifications and generating solutions to meet those requirements. 

These solutions developed in conjunction with a dedicated project team benefit from Bolton Plastics extensive blow moulding manufacturing experience and capability, a track record in understanding and meeting automotive industry criteria and from a commitment to achieving cost efficiencies through innovation.

Project Management

Each project benefits from Bolton Plastics' accumulated experience. 

A project manager and project team are assigned to each project from the earliest feasibility stage, and remains responsible for a successful delivery through to start of production and beyond. 

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